About Us

This website is created as a tribute to the one and only The Robert D. In this website, there is no dull time because the guests who frequently visit from different parts of the world are always active and are always interacting with one another. They always have something to say which creates thread after thread at the Forum page of the website. Do you want to open a topic? No need to be shy about it or embarrassed because the people who come to this page often are very welcoming and very warm especially to newbies. What more is that they always love to assist everyone so that they can reach their maximum potential when it comes to creating their own brand. They take a page from The Robert D books and sample how they use it in their daily lives. What more is that they serve as another set of ears which really show their cares to other. This is what we hope to promote on this website.


This website was created by the fans of The Robert D. However, do not be confused because we are not in anyway affiliated to him. We are not also his official website. Although we often talk about his works here, we do not sell them. However, you can check out on other people who come as guests here on where they buy their copies of his books.


The only thing we strive to achieve here is that you have fun as you peruse our website and you get the time of your life as you interact with others. We also hope that you can apply your learnings here whether to your writing career or your business.


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