This Frequently Asked Questions page will give you an overview on what you need to know about this website. This is where all the common questions of our guests are filed for reference of other guests who come here to visit. Do not worry if you do not see the question you have here because you can always send us an email. Just check out our Contact Us page for more information on how you can find us.


Where can we find the official website of The Robert D?


Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question because we may be providing misleading information that may impact our relationship with our guests who frequent here. One thing is for sure though. Albeit this website talks about him and his works, we are not his official website not we are at all related to him. We are just here as fans and supporters.


Can I access the content of this website for free?


This website is free for all so whether or not you register, you can have unlimited access to this website without exhausting single penny from your pocket. However, registration is mandatory especially for those who would want to participate in the discussions that can be found at our Forum site. But no worries because registration is for free. We do not even ask for your credit card details. As long as you have a working email, you are good to go. Your information is even safe with us because we make use of the latest and most up to date security system here on our website.


Do you sell the books of The Robert D?


We do not sell any works of The Robert D. Not to worry because you can buy them at major bookstores around the United States. It is also available in digital format which you can have directly to your tablets and even cell phones.