This website is very informative. They have legitimate concerns to the people especially those who are starting writers in the field. They make sure that they do not make them feel alone on their journey. I, myself was an author once and honestly when you are just starting up, the feeling is terrible especially when you are on your own. Back then I only have my resources to lean on because nobody really believed in my writing technique and the editor I first showed my work to wanted me to even want me to change my style. Of course, I didn’t allow for such a thing to happen especially since I already have a concrete picture on what path to take. I took a risk and gave it my all. At first, it was disappointing at its best with my book staying for months at the limited bookstores I commissioned to sell my work. But through hard work and by means of promoting my branding intensively, I managed to make it take off. It is not without effort and hard work. Good thing that through my branding, I found the perfect publication for me – or rather, they found me which really made my career sweeter.




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